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Expressing yourself at the university level in a second language is truly a great challenge. We offer ESL editing services to students and writers of all kinds. Having your writing proofread or edited by a professional native speaker does two things: It helps to boost your grades and, more importantly, improves your English composition skills. There are many excellent resources for ESL academic writers available online: articles, ESL academic dictionaries, even online tutoring. However, a thorough edit from a seasoned professional can target your weakest areas and build on your strengths as a writer. This service is an excellent resource for use with undergraduate essay editing, thesis editing, dissertation editing, and for submissions to academic journals.

We are so sure of the value of our ESL English editing services that we offer a free sample of up to 15% of any document. Contact us instantly via email or call one of our staff to discuss your project. In a hurry? Use the instant quote/deadline calculator to the right of the page and initiate your project now; we guarantee the timely delivery of thorough and insightful proofreading and editing.

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We offer three levels of service:

ESL English Proofreading Service

Our ESL English Proofreading Service involves elimination of any errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, and word/phrase choice. This results in a well-polished document with a high level of clarity maintained throughout. In addition, we will ensure adherence to whichever style guide you specify (Harvard, APA, MLA, etc.). This service is ideal for confident ESL writers who have a final-draft document.

ESL English Content Editing Service

Our ESL English Content Editing Service includes all the benefits of proofreading, but with editorial comments and suggestions aimed at improving all aspects of structure and content. This is our most popular service for ESL clients. A strong emphasis is placed on catering to the perspective of the reader/grader. You are encouraged to include any essay instructions to enable the editor to make focused comments and revisions.

Premium ESL English Editing Service

Our Premium ESL English Editing Service includes every benefit of Content Editing, but includes the editor making more substantial re-writes of up to 20% of the document. This is the best service for a writer who is struggling with writing a complex academic document.

Academic ESL Editing Services

The English language is the official language of more than 60 sovereign states, and is the third most common language in the world after Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. More importantly, English has become the lingua franca of international discourse in modern times. It is not a straightforward language to learn and is riddled with synonyms, homonyms, and idiomatic expressions that might seem counterintuitive or unnatural, yet may often form the foundation of a well-written sentence. There is a certain level of comfort with the language that a well-trained editor born in an English-speaking country (and immersed in the culture of an English-speaking country) can achieve that could take years or even decades of dedicated study for someone with English as a second language (ESL).

This is by no means limited to informal idiomatic folk sayings; dissertations and journal articles should also be scrutinized for unnatural turns of phrase and grammatical missteps to ensure that they are accepted upon submission. High-quality editing companies will usually have a significant amount of experience editing ESL work, from essays to journal articles, and can imbue complex passages with the authority needed to set the work apart from other similar submissions.

This is of particular significance when it comes to job applications and CVs; a single poorly written sentence can alienate prospective employers, and such mistakes can be unfairly interpreted as a lack of care and attention to detail on the part of the applicant, rather than a lack of familiarity with the language. It is vital that your qualifications and experience are presented in the best possible light, and a competent ESL resume editing service can help ensure that no idiomatic slip-up or poorly conjugated verb prevents a prospective employer from considering your application based on its own merits.

Another area that ESL editing services can reliably assist you in is the clarity of your work. This encompasses how well your composition flows and ensures that readers are able to read your writing without having to guess your meaning—another commonplace issue that can detract from the credibility of your work. You are likely to have spent a great deal of effort on your paper, and it seems counterintuitive to then submit it with oversights that might easily have been corrected by an expert.

Having your ESL document proofread can be a good way to test your comprehension of the English language. If you are uncertain of how well your studies are progressing, write an essay, get it proofread by a professional, and you should be able to ascertain whether there are any areas you should focus on to further your education. This will help you not only gain an understanding of how individual sentences should be constructed, but how sentences fit well together overall in a document, how to establish a tone for a piece, and how to maintain said tone throughout. This process makes editing more than simply a way of improving your work, but an investment in your future. An experienced ESL editing company will be able to help you with TOEFL essays and should be able to provide useful comments throughout an edited document explaining their edits to help you determine how to avoid running afoul of the same pitfalls in the future.

Reasons for engaging ESL editing services…

…for job or academic applications

English is the language most often used when negotiations take place between people from two different countries, regardless of in which country either party resides, and fluency in English is often highly prized in job applications, even in careers that do not necessitate its use. Employing ESL editing services to look over your CV and cover letter to ensure the natural flow of the language and the rigour of sentences’ grammatical structure when writing in English may give your application the necessary sheen to elevate it beyond the flood of applications that many of the more desirable positions can receive. Furthermore, ESL editing services can add elegance and idiomatic phrasing, which are the mark of someone who is naturally fluent in a language. Furthermore, ESL editing services can be more aware of the differences between dialects in the same language. For instance, were an applicant talking about their inspiration for applying for a job as a doctor, in UK English, an applicant may wish to reflect on their time in hospital, whereas in US English, the same applicant may wish to reflect on their time in the hospital. Minute differences such as the addition or exclusion of the definite article can make an entire paragraph suddenly seem unnatural to a native speaker, and could make them view an application less favourably, on an almost-subconscious level.

…for academic essays, articles, and theses

Clarity of expression and intent is mandatory in scientific papers, not only so that your methodology can be replicated precisely for confirmation of your results, but so that your reasoning for performing your experiments and the conclusions you have reached can be explicated in a satisfactory manner. Furthermore, ambiguity and failure to adhere to a required format, such as APA, Chicago, MLA or Harvard, can get your paper rejected by journals, no matter the importance of your conclusions to the literature. These issues can cause an extra headache when writing in a foreign language, as the differences between fluency and awkwardness can often seem arbitrary to a non-native speaker. However, all of these issues can be solved after completing your paper by asking an ESL editing service to go over your work, by specifying a particular format to which you require them to adhere. This can save researchers valuable time and effort, as engaging in scientific research requires singular focus that generally precludes the possibility of attending seminars on the proper positioning of prepositions in a clause.

…for prose writing

Prose is particularly difficult to write in a foreign language, as many of the precepts of subtext require intimate familiarity with the idioms and nuances of the language used to get the theme of your work across. Shakespeare is the most famous example of a writer who invented idioms that could be instantly understood by all who heard them, yet had never been used previously, though he is by no means the only one. Isaac Asimov is credited with inventing the term ‘robotics’, even though when he used the term, he was unaware that it didn’t already exist. Social media has strongly influenced modern language, such as developing the noun ‘friend’ into a verb. The problem with all this is that a writer must innately understand all the neologisms that have preceded his work if they wish to push the boundaries of language themselves, as many writers have attempted. Without Julia Donaldson’s willingness to push language, we would have no Gruffalo, without J. R. R. Tolkien, we would lack the vast majority of the fantasy fiction genre. Only a competent ESL editing service can treat prose in which new terms are introduced with the due care and attention that such work requires so as not to trample the original flow and structure of the work while ensuring logical consistency and sufficient adherence to grammatical rules to facilitate readers’ engagement with the work.

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Proofreading: This service eliminates all errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure, rendering a technically polished document.

Content Editing: Content editing includes the proofreading service PLUS revisions/recommendations regarding continuity, flow of thoughts, and support of statements.

Premium Editing: Premium Editing is intended for work on early drafts or for ESL writers requiring substantial revisions/refinements to their work. This in-depth editing service includes all of the above services PLUS significant content re-writes (up to 20% of content) where necessary.