Fantasy Book Proofreading Services

"…my expectations were surpassed. I was happy with the sample edit, but the full edit went above and beyond. I have worked through half the edited book and haven’t found an error; the wise comments on plot, character, etc. have really impressed me."

An epic fantasy novel project can provide fiction writers with a truly liberating opportunity to flex their creative muscle. But, while the possibilities may be endless when you’re letting your imagination loose on whole worlds of your own creation, so, too, are the chances for error and editorial issues. For this reason, fantasy book proofreading services are an indispensable weapon in any respectable fantasy’s writer’s arsenal. The following are some of the leading ways an editor can assist with common fantasy writer-related pitfalls.

Balancing description with action

The more expansive the world you are creating, the more complex it inevitably becomes. And when you have free rein to shape every element of your story to suit your aesthetic inclinations, it can be tempting to unload large volumes of information onto the reader. This process is known as ‘info-dumping’, and is a vice that fantasy writers are especially prone to. Info-dumping might involve over-enthusiastic deposits of narration on the laws that govern your magical, political and religious systems, or the geography, physics and climate of your fantasy world. While it might be advisable to consider all the different facets of your world to increase realism and reader immersion, achieving the right balance between information and action can be tricky. Overdosing on facts and rules could have the opposite effect than is intended and alienate your reader, discouraging them from reading on. Fantasy book proofreading services can critically examine the structure of your novel, and suggest better ways of arranging and presenting information so as not to compromise on tension-building.

Ensuring world-building consistency

Another issue associated with the complex nature of fantasy novels is the difficulty of building worlds with internal logic and consistency. Because many of your concepts will be entirely self-derived, a great deal of research and attention to detail is required of fantasy novelists in order to maintain suspension of disbelief effectively. However, even with meticulous planning, oversights in plot and timeline consistencies and the ‘rules’ that govern your magical or political system can nevertheless slip through the net of detection. For lapses such as these, having your work read by another person is crucial. Fantasy book proofreading services will sometimes even ensure that your work is read by multiple people. Coupled with the advantage that the best editors will be in possession of a trained eye, this will drastically minimise the margin of error in your manuscript.

Refining language choices

While the freedom to create completely original character, place and other proper noun names and titles may be appealing, with this power comes responsibility. Even though this feature of fantasy novels lends to their depth, there is a possibility that the language chosen does not adequately convey the meaning that is intended. Hard-to-pronounce character names, inadvertently comical place titles and overly fantastical designations are all potential issues that can undermine the level of engagement your reader has with your text. By recruiting a second pair of eyes in the form of fantasy book proofreading services to give your manuscript a once-over, your language choices will be refined or flagged for your attention to ensure clarity and appropriateness.

By hiring a proofreader or editor, not only will you be able to improve your novel from a technical and professional perspective, but you will be able to suspend disbelief all-the-more masterfully. For those with a fantasy draft that suffers from one or more of the issues outlined above, considering this step is strongly advised.