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"…my expectations were surpassed. I was happy with the sample edit, but the full edit went above and beyond. I have worked through half the edited book and haven’t found an error; the wise comments on plot, character, etc. have really impressed me."

Our professional book proofreading services have helped hundreds of writers from all over the world develop their manuscripts and improve their chances of publication. We are confident in our ability to impress; accordingly, we offer a free sample (of up to 1500 words) of our book proofreading service. This gives our clients a chance to see exactly what they will get for their money.

We guarantee a thorough proofreading of your book manuscript, addressing any issues with formatting, spelling, syntax, punctuation, grammar, and logical consistency. Use the price calculator on the right of this page, and then proceed to request a free sample edit or simply submit your project. Let our expertise help you develop a polished manuscript to optimize your chances of publication.

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Having a professional book proofreader with years of experience and a range of qualifications proofread your book manuscript thoroughly can help develop your work in several ways that will make it read better and improve your manuscript’s chances of getting a second glance from submissions editors at publishing houses. Even slight errors can interrupt the flow of the best of books, whether fiction or non-fiction. In the case of fiction, the reader’s immersion in the text is interrupted when there are technical errors in the writing.

The difference between "to be or not to be?" and "to be or not to bee?" is the difference between the sublime and the nonsensical! The bottom line is engaging the assistance of a professional book proofreading service can significantly improve both tone and content, providing a real boost to your prospects of success.

With our proofreading service, your book manuscript will be checked for spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, and typos. This results in a well-polished manuscript with a high level of clarity maintained throughout. This service is ideal for confident writers who just want to give their work that extra edge that can make all the difference. Please click here to learn more about our non-fiction book proofreading services. All our services include conventional formatting for submission to publishers or formatting to specific publishers’ criteria at the client’s request.

Book Proofreading Services: The Benefits

The creative writing process might more accurately be called the creating ‘rewriting’ process. Unless you intend your novel to be a chaotic stream-of-consciousness, accomplishing a perfectly written novel in a single draft is unrealistic, and to expect to do so demands an impossibly high standard from yourself as a writer. Similarly unrealistic is the expectation that the revisions process can be accomplished with just a single set of eyes. Even the greatest novelists make use of an additional perspective in the form of proofreaders, editors, friends, and family. By knowing when to rein in the instincts of a writer, and when to nudge them into action, book proofreading services can help authors realise their full potential. The following are some of the main ways a proofreader can assist with common writer-related pitfalls.

Book Proofreading Improves Clarity...

While the particulars of your characters, settings and plot might be firmly entrenched in your mind, it can be another thing attempting to convey all these shades of meaning to a third party. And, until you pass your manuscript on to another person, it is impossible to know where such lapses of understanding might occur. What might seem perfectly logical to you might be a glaring plot hole to another, while what you thought was a clever plot twist might come across as a grave lapse in characterisation.

Some book proofreading services will even have your work checked by multiple people, minimising the chances for even the smallest of errors. A professional appraisal of your work is also invaluable for remedying common grammar and syntax issues, which might otherwise alter your intended meaning entirely (“Let’s eat, Grandma!” and Let’s eat Grandma!” are a notable example of the significance of properly used grammar).

Book Proofreading Helps Hold the Reader’s Interest

One of the main benefits of ensuring the clarity of your work should be the primary concerns of any self-respecting author—drawing the reader into the world you have created, and enticing them to read on. Even if your ideas are original and interesting, if you are unable to express them clearly, one of the main motivations behind your work is scuppered. Poorly formulated sentence structures and woeful spelling, grammar and formatting issues will distract even the most committed of readers, breaking their immersion and decreasing their motivation to read beyond that all-important first page. This could similarly sabotage your chances of publication; when literary agents and acquisitions editors are dealing with potentially tens, or even hundreds of thousands of words of submissions each day, the last thing they’ll want to deal with is a typo-riddled manuscript.

Bolstering your Creativity

If understanding the difference between who and whom, or which and that, might seem like bothersome technicalities that serve only in tripping up your creativity, that’s because, in practice, they can be. By employing book proofreading services, you can silence your internal editor and focus all your energy on increasing your creative output and writing more spontaneously. This will enable you to experience you creativity more intensely and sharpen your powers of imagination, leading to a more effortless writing process. This might be especially helpful to you if your writing has a deadline, and you find that distracting technical issues are impeding your progress. By relaxing more, you will also be able to boost your confidence in your writing and the end result, ultimately cultivating a mentality that is free of that niggling voice that tells you your work is worthless, bringing your work to a halt before it has even begun.

Not only does having your work proofread ensure that your writing can be understood and enjoyed by the people who matter, therefore—it also ensures you will be able to enjoy writing it, increasing the chances of the former. And, although the likelihood of publication and recognition is relatively remote, it is this sense of personal satisfaction that makes writing worthwhile.

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Proofreading: This service eliminates all errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure, rendering a technically polished document.

Content Editing: Content editing includes the proofreading service PLUS revisions/recommendations regarding continuity, flow of thoughts, and support of statements.

Premium Editing: Premium Editing is intended for work on early drafts or for ESL writers requiring substantial revisions/refinements to their work. This in-depth editing service includes all of the above services PLUS significant content re-writes (up to 20% of content) where necessary.