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Business Editing Services

In business, we all know that every advantage counts. Our Business Editing Services will render your document clear, concise, and grammatically flawless. Whether you are writing a memo or an operations manual, website content or a press release, we can save your precious time and have your perfected document returned within specified deadlines. Contact us to discuss your requirements. We have a long list of regular clients who recognize the value of our service.

We are so sure of the value of our services that we offer a free sample of up to 15% of any document. In a hurry? Simply get an instant quote using the calculator above and initiate your project now; we guarantee thorough and insightful proofreading and editing. A full refund is given (along with document delivery) if the specified deadline is not met.

North America: 1-866-864-8642

United Kingdom: 0-845-528-1200


We Offer Two Levels of Service:

Business Proofreading Service

Our Business Proofreading Service is our most basic and is included in the other two service types. Your work will be checked for spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, and typos. This results in a well-polished, technically flawless document with a high level of clarity maintained throughout. This service is ideal for confident writers who just want to give their work that extra edge that can make all the difference.

Business Content Editing Service

Our Business Content Editing Service includes all the benefits of the Proofreading Service but with editorial comments and suggestions aimed at improving all aspects of structure and content. This is our most popular service among business clients. A strong emphasis is placed on considering your document from the perspective of the audience. Thus, you are encouraged to include any specific instructions to enable the editor to make focused comments and changes.